Janich, Nina (Ed.): Unternehmenskultur und Unternehmensidentität. Wirklichkeit und Konstruktion.

The volume presents selected papers from the 3rd Interdisciplinary Symposium European Cultures in Business and Corporate Communication, which was held at Regensburg University in November 2003. The authors from both academic and every day corporate life, deal with the issues of corporate culture and corporate identity from the perspectives of linguistics and communication theory, psychology and economics. Tophics include:

  • Creation and strategic significance of corporate culture.
  • Reflexion of corporate culture in corporate communication.
  • Correlation between corporate identity and advertising.
  • Intercultural processes and conflicts.

Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag 2002. 268 pages. With 35 graphs & 4 tables. ISBN: 3824445999, € 52,99

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