Polajnar, Janja: Strategien der Adressierung in Kinderwerbespots. Zur Ansprache von Kindern und Eltern im Fernsehen.

The ways of addressing target groups in advertising have scarcely been the focus of academic studies. Janja Polajnar examines TV commercials for children because they are aimed at different target groups, children as well as parents. On the basis of a text corpus of 100 commercials for children’s food and toys she investigates how parents as buyers of children’s products are taken into consideration in the commercials. Furthermore, she examines who is playing the crucial roles in this communication and if the target groups are addressed directly or indirectly. The results show that TV commercials for children’s food are addressing both target groups, whereas toy commercials address children alone.

Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag 2005. 259 pages. With 14 graphs & 12 tables. ISBN: 3824446162, € 64,99

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