Crijns, Rogier / Thalheim, Janine (Hrsg.): Kooperation und Effizienz in der Unternehmenskommunikation. Inner- und außerbetriebliche Kommunikationsaspekte von Corporate Identity und Interkulturalität.

The volume presents selected papers from the 4th symposium of the research cooperation European Cultures in Business and Corporate Communication, which took place in Nijmegen in October 2004. A central issue of these contributions is to show how internal and external corporate communication can be optimized. The volume contains case studies and solutions for the following areas:

  • Integration and transfer problems in intercultural settings.
  • International corporate contacts (mediation, investor relations, co-branding).
  • Values and persuasion strategies in advertisements.
  • Concepts for trainings (conflict handling).

2nd edition: Springer VS (2008). 354 pages. With 21 graphs & 32 tables. ISBN:  978-3-531-90970-7, € 53,45

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