Boenigk, Michael / Krieger, David / Belliger, Andréa / Hug, Christoph (Hrsg.): Innovative Wirtschaftskommunikation. Interdisziplinäre Problemlösungen für die Wirtschaft.

The volume presents selected papers from the 5th symposium of the research cooperation European Cultures in Business and Corporate Communication, which took place in Luzern in October 2005. The authors are dealing with different aspects of innovative corporate communication on an interdisciplinary basis. Combining both research and daily practice, the authors show up-to-date methods, models, concepts, and best practices of communication. Additionally, different case studies and solutions are presented for the following areas:

  • Communication Management.
  • Communication Strategy.
  • Integrated Communication.
  • Applications in Communication Practices.
  • Diversity Management.
  • Text Analysis.
  • Theory Development in Communication.

Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag 2006. 316 pages. With 26 graphs & 7 tables. ISBN: 3835060319, € 52,85

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