Emmerling, Tanja: Corporate Identity und ihre länderspezifischen Realisierungen. Am Beispiel der italienisch-, portugiesisch- und spanischsprachigen Websites von Aventis.

Is it adequate to merely translate the core texts of Corporate Identity (CI) or, has the concept of CI to be redefined for Romance target languages and countries?

Tanja Emmerling deals which a broad range of single language realizations on the basis of self-portrayal texts in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese websites of the Aventis corporation, which are based on CI-oriented guidelines. She analyses the application of conventional language realizations, the levels of isotopy and the possibilities of hybrid forms. In this context Tanja Emmerling refers to problems of language structure as well as the distinctive features of language varieties. The analysis shows that not only do the “Landesgesellschaften im Web” [mononational societies on the Web] represent themselves, but also internal structures of communication are conveyed to the recipient. The problems of defining CI between ‘actual’ and ‘nominal’ state are partly exported into the foreign language and are stabilized within a concern that is changing permanently.

DUV 2007: 388 pages. With 21 Ill. & 27 Tab. 2006 Br. ISBN: 978-3-8350-6053-1, € 69,99

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