Siems, Florian / Brandstätter, Manfred / Gölzner, Herbert (Eds.): Anspruchsgruppenorientierte Kommunikation. Neue Ansätze zu Kunden-, Mitarbeiter- und Unternehmenskommunikation.

Communication in science and in practice is relevant for different interest groups among businesses. Therefore research has been conducted in different fields of business administration (e.g. customer communication in marketing environments, internal communication in Human Resource Management). The editors’ intention is to combine different approaches of communication, which were developed for different groups of interest: Representatives of science and practical experience, who conduct research on the wide field of ‘communication’, are given the opportunity to learn about new developments in their fields of interest. Moreover, they will find motivation for their own work by getting to know approaches which were initially developed for other groups. This book presents articles in the fields of research named below which were presented during the 7th EUKO symposium in Salzburg/Austria, November 2007. This book is designed for researchers and students of foreign language and communication science, of business science, of sociology and psychology, as well as for specialists and executives in consulting and management.

Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften 2008. 496 pages. With 94 graphs. & 40 tables. softcover., ISBN: 978-3-531-16166-2, € 69,99

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