Hormuth, Julia: Erfahrungsweitergabe unter Auslandsentsandten. Eine gesprächsanalytische Studie am Beispiel deutscher Manager in Spanien.

As part of today’s globalised corporate world, thousands of expatriates are sent abroad every year. The contact with experienced expatriates is especially crucial for those sent abroad the first time. Some organisations systematically promote the exchange of experience among expatriates in the context of HR development. Julia Hormuth examines in which way experienced expatriates communicate their culture based experience to newcomers and what challenges they face in doing so. The focus is put on communicative dimensions in the process of transmitting experiences. On the basis of analysed dialogues between employees of a German industrial corporation the author develops a model of description for communicating culture based experiences among expatriates.

The book addresses university teachers and students in the areas of language and communication studies, and intercultural communication as well as managers in HR, and knowledge management, who are interested in tools for communicating experiences.

Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften 2009. 394 pages. With 3 graphs. & 22 tables. softcover., ISBN: 978-3-531-16665-0, € 59,99

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