von Massenbach, Franziska: Automobile Erlebniswelten als Kommunikationsmittel. Eine verhaltenswissenschaftliche Analyse am Beispiel des Premiummarktes in Deutschland und Singapur.

In order to build up and maintain brand images, to construct consumer trust and to win new clients, brand presentations in three dimensional spaces are needed, serving as representative communication platforms. This has lead to an increase of brand experience worlds serving as communication tools for international corporations. The automobile industry is regarded as a forerunner using this kind of tool, which is why this study is focused on that industry. The author examines, on the basis of Mercedes-Benz, in which way brand experience worlds at points of sale contribute to customer satisfaction and consumer behavior.

Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften 2009. 314 pages. With 44 graphs. & 44 tables. softcover., ISBN: 978-3-531-16792-3, € 59,99.

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