Schmidt, Christopher M. (Ed.): Cross-media communication in culturally specific contexts

The contributors to this edited collection address the prerequisites for and possibilities of effective communication, particularly in cross-media communication. In addition to identifying the basic conditions for creating various kinds of verbal, non-verbal, oral and written communication, they analyse specific cases of interaction with target groups of various kinds. Deriving from different country contexts, the articles deal with communication both within and outside organisations. The conditions for communicative action are explored in terms of both corporate and country-specific cultures. The contributions highlight the culture- and media-specific particularities communications management can expect to encounter. Individual case studies offer practical suggestions and illustrate research results by giving examples from both profit-making and non-profit organisations.


Springer VS 2016, 353 pages. Softcover. ISBN: 978-3-658-11075-8. € 49,99.

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