Janich, Nina / Neuendorff, Dagmar (Eds.): Verhandeln, Kooperieren, Werben. Beiträge zur interkulturellen Wirtschaftskommunikation.

In the course of market globalisation, companies are more than ever forced to act internationally and transculturally in a competent way. This is due to the fact that different cultural standards and communication habits come into contact with each other in cooperations and negotiations, in advertising in particular as well as in marketing in general, and as a result of expansions.

This volume presents empirical studies in the areas of cultural psychology, linguistics, and business, which examine both internal and external corporate communication in intercultural encounters. The articles report on cultural standards in different countries, which have an impact on communication and therefore also on successful business cooperation. The articles deal with the following topics:

  • Intercultural aspects of corporate communication,
  • intercultural training,
  • Innovation and creativity in advertising.

Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag 2002. 306 pages. With 8 Images & 6 Tables. ISBN: 3824444666, € 69,90

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