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Advertising for all your Senses – Multimodal Communication Strategies

13th International and interdisciplinary Conference of the Research Cooperation European Cultures in Business and Corporate Communication (EUCO)

Modern advertising addresses the recipients via all their senses: optically via static or moving images, texts and their typographic design; acoustically via spoken or sung text, music and sound effects; haptically via surface structures, e.g., of packaging, letter paper and print advertisements; olfactorily via odours and aromas; gustatorily via tasting samples. Recently, the field of multisensory marketing has increasingly been considering how the different semiotic resources can be amalgamated into holistic worlds of experiences. However, advertising research has until now mainly focussed on the relations between text and image; the 13th EUCO conference aims at taking a closer look at the other modalities and semiotic resources respectively.

Therefore, we welcome contributions from theory and practice concerning the multimodal design of advertising messages, e.g.:

as well as multimodal elements in internal and external business and corporate communication.

Please submit an abstract of max. 250 words by 31 May 2013 via e-mail (EUCO-Team 2013).