Salzburg 2012: Communication in Change & Risk

The 12. Interdisciplinary symposium of the research cooperation - European cultures in business and corporate communication (EUKO) was held 4-6 October 2012 in Salzburg (Austria).

Companies’ environments and market positions are marked by constant change and rising risks. Some of the reasons are progressing internationalization and increasing intertwining of economic activities, expanding market integration and rising intensity of market competition, shorter product life and innovation cycles, as well as changing and contradicting expectations of stakeholders.

Companies’ management are facing new challenges: The only persistence within businesses seems to be constant change. Traditional concepts of business administration can only to a certain extent describe, explain and provide guidelines to resolve evolving forces of adaptation, change and risk. New strategies to manage change, uncertainty and risks are in high demand. Therefore, openness towards inventions and learning processes in communication, organization and management play an important role.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together theory and empiricism, science and practice, and academics and companies, in order to exchange ideas of communicative aspects of business and organizational communication under the conditions of change, uncertainty and risk. It will also be designed to give an interdisciplinary overview of the variety of theories and methods.

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