Aarhus 2002: Dynamics, Development, and Processuality in Business Communication

The 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium of European Cultures within Business and Corporate Communication took place in 2002 in Åarhus, Denmark.

Following the founding symposium of the network in Åbo, Finland, the 2002 symposium was held in Aarhus, with a slightly smaller attendance. Obviously, no well-defined ›sections‹ were formed at the time, but a few main areas seemed to appear, which would later become clearer, namely business communication in media and public relations, advertising, corporate identity or the requirement of foreign languages. Claudia Böttger used the genre of shareholder letters to illustrate trends in financial communication, and, in the section on advertising, Dagmar Neuendorff illustrated how the speed of storytelling had accelerated in Finnish TV spots. While these and other contributions were kept within the main theme of the symposium by choosing a diachronic approach, contributions within the overall area of the association were also welcome, such as the analysis of internal e-mails by Rogier Crijns, Nina Dörner and Philip Lang. A very promising project dealing with the close link between communication and profitability was presented by Marianne Grove Ditlevsen, who discussed the much neglected relation between linguistic quality and financial success. Summing up, the symposium gave participants the opportunity to continue discussions from the previous symposium as well as to take up new issues, thus carrying on the work that was begun in 2001.

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