Dresden 2016 - Communication and Technology

VII. Interdisciplinary Symposium European Cultures in Business and Corporate Communication – Europäische Kulturen in der Wirtschaftskommunikation EUKO, October 27th to 29th, 2016 at TU Dresden. 

In 2016, TU Dresden (Germany) hosted the 16th annual interdisciplinary symposium of the European research network EUKO. The conference is devoted to the subject area Communication and Technology” and aims at bringing together practitioners and scholars across disciplines. Presentations may be held in English or German.

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Conference Topic: Communication and Technology

The terms "communication" and "technology" are understood in a broad sense. Lectures and workshops with new approaches or studies, which combine these two terms, are particularly welcome. Please note that conceptual, as well as empirical contributions from any field of science – e.g., communication sciences, computer science, psychology, economics, engineering sciences, legal sciences, etc. – are invited. 
Examples of interesting topics may be new developments / insights in the following areas:

1. Technology as Communication Subject 

  • Technological change or technological innovation as communication subject
  • Communication as means to reduce resistance for complex and / or new technologies / technical services
  • Communication methods and approaches to explain technology
  • Communication of technology by frontline employees
  • Personal Communication of frontline employees of technical services (B2C) or customer engineering / sales (B2B)
  • Communication of industrial goods (industrial communication) or of technical sales
  • Presentation of complex technical services to increase sales
  • Presentation of complex technical services to facilitate customers’ use
  • Industry 4.0 – Communication 4.0?
  • High-tech-communication

2. Human-Machine-Communication

  • Legal specifics of human-machine-communication/technically-aided communication
  • Legal boundaries for the human-machine-communication/communication using technology
  • Resistance for human-machine-communication

3. Specific Aspects

  • Expectation management for technological innovations
  • Communication at (technology-oriented) trade fairs
  • Instruction manuals
  • Communication to improve customer integration for technical services
  • Technology as topic of customers’ word-of-mouth communication for technical services
  • Communication in the field of tension „engineering versus economics“
  • Country-specific particularities of communicating technology
  • Linguistic particularities of communicating technology
  • Importance of language for developing technology
  • Tasks and roles of employees in communicating technology
  • Approaches from behavioral sciences / psychology to communicate technology
  • Legal specifics for communicating technology or in the human-machine-communication / communication using technology
  • Legal boundaries for communicating technology or for the human-machinecommunication / communication using technology
  • Communicating innovations in the area of information technology and computer science
  • Methods of verbal and non-verbal communication of technology
  • Technical solutions for the optimization of communicating technology (e.g., using apps)
  • Personal solutions for the optimization of communicating technology: transfer experts
  • Organizing communication using technology, e.g., technical communities, discussion forums, …
  • Communication in the case of technical break downs
  • Ethical aspects of communicating technology
  • Peculiarities of communicating internal and external key performance indicators in technology-oriented companies
  • Communication and leadership: Peculiarities in technically oriented enterprises



Further Information

Please check the Call for Papers for further and more detailled information.



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